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Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max
$1,999.00 from $1,849.00

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Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro
$1,999.00 from $1,592.49

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Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus
$2,199.00 from $1,458.00


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Refurbished iPhone 14
$1,289.00 from $1,349.00


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Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max
$1,669.00 from $1,216.00


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Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro
$1,269.00 from $1,403.92

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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max
$1,399.00 from $1,098.72

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Refurbished iPhone 13
$1,129.00 from $999.00


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Refurbished iPhone 13 mini
from $919.96


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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro
$1,209.00 from $979.91

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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max
$1,019.00 from $896.00


Refurbished iPhone 12
$839.00 from $662.72


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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro
$879.00 from $849.00

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Refurbished iPhone 12 mini
$709.00 from $538.46


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Buy Refurbished iPhones Online In Christchurch At Mobile Guru New Zealand (NZ)

If you have ended up on this page, you are looking for a refurbished iPhone or at least considering that option. There is no denying that buying a refurbished iPhone is the best way to avoid emptying your wallet. Brand-new iPhones are costly and mobile technology advancements have already reached saturation levels. Considering all these factors, purchasing a new iPhone right now is not the best idea.

This is where refurbished iPhone shine their brightest. They are much cheaper and run on comparable, if not similar technology used in the latest models. However, most people are hesitant when it comes to refurbished mobile phones because of a few reasons. One of the most common concerns is. People tend to associate the term ‘refurbished mobile phone’ with sub-par quality. We are here to inform you that this is not always the case.

While it is true that buying from carefree dealers will leave you vulnerable to scams or inferior devices, such situations are available by shopping at our store. Mobile Guru NZ is Christchurch's online retail store to buy refurbished iPhones at best prices. Every refurbished iPhone in our inventory has undergone 72-point testing checks to ensure optimal functionality.

Our careful assessment and attention to detail while testing all our refurbished phones make us one of the most reputed places to buy refurbished iPhones online in Christchurch. All of our refurbished mobile phones are as good as new, and their prices are still the best in New Zealand. You can rest assured that we only offer mobile phones that are in top-notch condition for sale.

Refurbished iPhones Available at Our Online Store in New Zealand

We offer a wide range of refurbished iPhones online in Christchurch. You can find almost any model ranging from the iPhone X series to the iPhone 14 series. Our collection of Refurbished iPhones will fit any personal preference and budget you have. All of the refurbished iPhones available with us are listed below.

Refurbished iPhone X series:

  • Refurbished iPhone X
  • Refurbished iPhone XR
  • Refurbished iPhone XS
  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max

Refurbished iPhone SE series:

  • Refurbished iPhone SE
  • Refurbished iPhone SE 2nd Gen
  • Refurbished iPhone SE 3rd Gen

Refurbished iPhone 12 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 12
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Mini

Refurbished iPhone 13 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 13
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini

Refurbished iPhone 14 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 14
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus

Why Are More People Opting for Refurbished iPhones?

The most common reason why people buy refurbished iPhones is due to affordability issues. The demand for refurbished iPhones is increasing as the prices of new smartphones have shot up over the year due to rising input costs. This has forced many phone users to hold off on purchasing new devices and instead opt for refurbished versions. But there is more.

We have reached a point where the level of technology in mobile phones has sort of saturated. Mobile phones are at their highest level of development and unless a new revolutionary tech is invented, they will most probably stay the same. Therefore, new models of iPhones are sharing common technology platforms with their older counterparts. It makes no sense for many users to purchase the latest iPhone for a few upgrades over the previous ones. This is also a reason why many users are opting to go the refurbished iPhone route.

A refurbished mobile phone comes with a warranty and a return policy - something you cannot expect from a second hand phone. In addition, second hand phones are always sold as-is. This means if there are defects in the device, you will still have to accept it. Refurbished iPhones undergo diagnostic tests, and all issues are fixed before selling. They are cheaper than brand-new iPhones and come in as good as new condition. It is a win-win for individuals who love smart but affordable or cheap devices in their hands.

Why Choose Mobile Guru NZ to Buy a Refurbished iPhone Online in Christchurch and across New Zealand?

Mobile Guru NZ is the leading refurbished iPhone seller in Christchurch and across New Zealand. When you purchase a refurbished iPhone from us, you not only save money, but you also get an iPhone that is in excellent condition. We have an exclusive range of the latest Apple products and refurbished iPhones at great prices.

Here are some reasons why we are the most preferred choice to buy a refurbished iPhone online across Christchurch.


We offer up to 24 months of warranty on refurbished iPhones. So, you get complete peace of mind and an optimal-performing iPhone when you purchase from us.

Once you successfully place an order, we dispatch it on the same day. As a result, all our phones are usually delivered before the specified delivery date. We also share tracking numbers to help you keep track of the delivery.

Same-day dispatch:

We understand that you want to receive your refurbished iPhone as soon as you place an order. To meet your expectations, we will dispatch it on the same business day and provide you with the package tracking number to keep track of the delivery. As a result, you will receive your iPhone before the expected delivery date in most cases.

30 days return

Our team constantly works hard to ensure that refurbished products are as good as new ones. They pass through strict quality checks before we list them online. However, you are protected by our 30 days return policy if you ever receive a faulty device.

Do you still need to decide about placing your order? Here is the deal! Order a refurbished iPhone from us, and if, for any reason, you change your mind, you can return it within 14 days of purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of iPhones now. You can call us on +6498866554 and our dedicated team will be glad to help you. Alternatively, you may write to us at for more information.

Besides Christchurch, We also offer refurbished phones online in Auckland and other cities of the New Zealand.

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