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The demand for refurbished smartphones is outpacing the demand for new ones as the average cost for new devices has steadily increased. Consumers are more aware of various refurbished options available to them and are making the most of them. A refurbished mobile phone provides a decent phone with the latest specs at an unmatched price. However, you must ensure that you only purchase such devices from a reputed seller; that is where Mobile Guru comes into the picture.
Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max
$2,099.00 from $1,849.00

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Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro
from $1,592.49

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Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus
$2,199.00 from $1,458.00


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Refurbished iPhone 14
$1,299.00 from $1,524.91


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Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max
from $1,216.00


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Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro
$1,459.00 from $1,470.41

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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max
$1,279.00 from $1,057.00

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Refurbished iPhone 13
$1,059.00 from $1,030.00


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Refurbished iPhone 13 mini
from $919.96


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Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro
$1,179.00 from $1,014.00

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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max
$819.00 from $707.41


Refurbished iPhone 12
$849.00 from $739.00


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Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro
$749.00 from $615.85

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Refurbished iPhone 12 mini
$1,349.00 from $685.61


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Get Great Deals on Refurbished iPhones In Auckland at Mobile Guru New Zealand (NZ)

You will find an impressive collection of refurbished mobile phones at our online store. Our dedicated team monitors the market and sources these phones locally. This ensures that our customers get the best-refurbished iPhones. But how do we maintain quality? Every second-hand iPhone that comes through our facility is thoroughly checked and evaluated to determine any technical issues and fixed.

They all go through our 72-point testing for optimal functionality. This is how we maintain high-quality standards in our refurbishing process of all iPhone models. On top of that, if you provide us with a quote from any other dealer in the market, we will beat that price. Our quality products have transformed us into one of the best online sellers of refurbished iPhones in Auckland and across New Zealand.

Refurbished iPhones Available at Our Online Store in Auckland

We offer a wide range of refurbished iPhones at our online store in Auckland. You can browse through and order any iPhone ranging from the iPhone X series to the iPhone 14 series, depending on your needs and budget. All the refurbished iPhones listed below are of the best quality and listed at the best prices.

Refurbished iPhone X series:

  • Refurbished iPhone X
  • Refurbished iPhone XR
  • Refurbished iPhone XS
  • Refurbished iPhone XS Max

Refurbished iPhone 11 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 11
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 11 Pro Max

Refurbished iPhone 12 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 12
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 12 Mini

Refurbished iPhone 13 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 13
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 13 Mini

Refurbished iPhone 14 series:

  • Refurbished iPhone 14
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Refurbished iPhone 14 Plus

Why Are Refurbished iPhones Much Cheaper?

Refurbished mobile phones are pre-owned devices that are tested and repaired by Mobile Guru NZ. They have been returned to optimal working conditions and sold with the “refurbished” tag. These mobile phones are not “brand-new” anymore and are pre-owned, with some parts being repaired or replaced. They do not come in the sealed packed box too; hence, these devices cannot be priced and sold as “brand-new”.

However, this does not mean they lack in quality. Refurbished mobile phones undergo strict checks and testing to ensure optimum performance. Every dealer will perform these checks and ensure that the devices they are selling meet the required standards. As all refurbished phones have been previously used, they are much cheaper than new ones but more expensive than second-hand mobile phones bought from dealers or individual sellers. It is always recommended to buy refurbished phones from reputed dealers. Buying from individual sellers has its consequences. For example, you do not know the history of the phone, it has hidden issues, or maybe it is locked to a particular network provider. Most importantly, such phones do not come with any warranty. Refurbished phones offered by Mobile Guru NZ come with warranties.

Why Choose Mobile Guru to Buy Refurbished iPhones Online in Auckland and across NZ?

Mobile Guru is a reputable refurbished mobile phone buyer and seller in Auckland and across NZ. In fact, we are one of the most reliable online platforms for buying refurbished iPhones in New Zealand. When you buy a refurbished iPhone from us, you save considerably while getting an excellent-quality device. In addition, our dedicated team constantly updates a wide range of Apple products and refurbished iPhones to make sure our customers have access to the latest devices. Here is what you can expect when you purchase a refurbished iPhone from us.

  • Up to 24 months warranty
  • Same-day product dispatch
  • 30 days of return policy
  • 14 days return period if you change your mind

Our technical experts always ensure that the refurbished products are as good as the new ones. Moreover, they pass through strict quality checks before we list them on our website. However, if you are still unsure about buying an iPhone from us, here is what we can do. For any reason, if you change your mind after buying a refurbished device from us, you can return it within 14 days of purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Order your refurbished iPhone now!

You can email us at to know more about our products and deals.

Besides Auckland, We also offer refurbished phones online in Wellington and other cities of the New Zealand.

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